OK, I’m really starting now, really. DAY 1 of my water fast.



So the reason I’m so behind schedule is that after giving it some deep though, I didn’t want to just jump into this extended water fast without giving myself a good, healthy prep. Life has been pretty hectic too and I wanted to wait for a time where I would be able to rest as much as possible. For the past two weeks, I’ve been on a mainly raw food diet. And I love it! I still have a lot to learn and more recipes to try too but so far so good! I’ve got the support I need which is most important. I’ve already lost about 4 pounds and I’m excited to see how this experiment goes. From now until the day I return to a regular diet, I’ll be writing an update to keep you all aware of the changes that I see. I expect a lot of changes with my body. Some of them I expect to be difficult to go through but I know all difficulties will end in a positive result for my body. I guess my biggest fear is hunger. It’s inevitable, but I do not want to give in to it in the beginning. I know the first few days will be the hardest, and I’m going to do my best to stick to it.

So here’s the first update:

Weight: 130 lbs

Mood: i feel generally good today. No weird mood swings except for being a little grumpy around 6 pm (dinner time, of course).

Body: I felt a little sluggish today, but was able to keep up with my schedule with no problem, even did a little shopping! It felt really good to relax tonight though. I’m feeling pretty tired earlier than usual.

Still planning on doing this for at least a week. I’m hoping for two weeks, but I’m going to take it day by day and listen to my body.

Thanks for reading! I send lots of hugs 🙂



It’s Begun!

The process has begun! Saturday night I started my detox. Now keep in mind that I a only doing a light detox before I venture on my fast on thee 12th. So day three and I must say that so far so good. I have noticed a couple differences, and I’m not even in the fasting part yet! So a couple things I’ve noticed is the changes in my skin, my sleeping, and my thirst. My skin has been very temperamental. One minute its oily and the next its dry and flaky. It’s not helping that this weather is up and down and all over the place. I’m breaking out in areas that are dry and getting lots of little tiny pimples. I’m assuming that might be part of the detox. I’ve also been waking up a lot more than usual the past couple of nights. Usually when I sleep, I knock right out and stay out. But I seem to keep waking up in the middle of the night with little bouts of energy. The third thing I’ve noticed is a slight gross taste in my mouth and a almost constant cottonmouth… it too wakes me up during the night. I guess there’s nothing more to do that to just keep trying to rest when I can and drink lots and lots of water. From here on out through the detox and fast process, I am only drinking distilled water to get the most I can out of it. If I’m already feeling the effects and I’m not even at the fasting part of the detox yet, it may be a bumpy ride!

Well, off to class. I’ll be updating more often now that things have started! Stay beautiful! 🙂


Between the weather being up and down and all over the place, and the end of my swim season, my body is just taking a beating. This is the third time I’ve been sick since the beginning of December! What?! I’m so sick of being sick! It doesn’t help that it’s 14 degrees outside ad snowing. Hopefully I’ll be able to feel healthy again soon, I think I forget what it feels like…

I’m Reaching My Limit

Wow February 2nd cannot come soon enough. I think one thing that’s really motivating me is just how awful I feel every day. Every few months, my body just gets sick of everything I eat and it rebels. I think that’s definitely a sign that what I’m feeding it is not okay. For the past week, I’ve been more aware of my body and listen more to what it’s telling me. Interestingly enough, for the past week, every time I eat, I feel sick. Last night was the worst by far. I think I only got 3 hours of sleep. My stomach was gurgling and in pain all night. It kept me tossing and turning and is exhausting. I still am not feeling my 100% today. I haven’t felt 100% in a very long time.

I wish I could start this cleanse today. The only reason I can’t is because I am still in intense training in my last swim season of my college career and I don’t have the time to myself for this process. I feel that during this huge shift and cleanse, that I should have plenty of time to be with myself and rest. And also the calorie intake I need would not be satisfied by only raw foods, and obviously I cannot fast or I wouldn’t have any energy for my practices. The season is over in 21 days. I’m starting the detox before the end of the season but I wanted to time it right so that I can go right into the fast afterwards.

I don’t know why my stomach is so unsettled. I’m not eating anything different. I feel like it’s just telling me “no” to everything right now. Come on 21 days…

The Decision



Have you ever wanted to do something for yourself that you know could change your life? That you know could change the way you see things, could change your health, and your well-being? For the past three years now I have being toying on and off with doing something for myself that could change all of these things. I want to make my body a happy and healthy place. I want to be able to rely on my body and my mind and to do this, they both need to be strong and healthy. There is too much talk now-a-days about our filthy drinking water, about pesticides poisoning our bodies, about almost all of our food going through processing, and about drugs making us sicker rather than healthier. What if you could just leave the planet and re-start somewhere else, with a fresh Mother Nature? Now, we all know that’s not possible. So instead, we can be different. Lead our lifestyles in different ways, treat our bodies better, and motivate others to do the same.

When I first experimented with raw food, I was in a college setting, and that made it extremely difficult to continue. but just from a few weeks I notices a difference in myself. I felt cleaner, more energetic, leaner, and stronger. I can’t imagine the benefits of this lifestyle if I made it permanent. This is a goal of mine. It might not be able to be done over night, but I want to do this for myself as soon as possible.

I have also experimented with only short term water fasting and detoxes, and it is truly a remarkable experience. Not only do you completely detoxify your body, but you cleanse your mind and your soul. You become stronger physically and mentally. The benefits of fasting are vast. Not only do you experience weight loss and and fat loss, but you can notice an improvement of your complexion, increased mental clarity, emotional and physical detox, increased creativity, increased connection to yourself, and can improve your relationship food by ridding yourself of poor diet and lifestyle habits. How can you say no to that? I have done a couple fasts for about three days, but I want to try a longer one. You can safely fast for up to 40 days. Now I’m not saying that I’m going to make it 40 days, maybe not even half that. But my goal is at least 7-10 days for now. if i feel strong, I will keep going. 

By embarking on this journey I have made for myself, I plan to make myself a better person, inside and out. I feel like this is the biggest gift I can give myself. I plan to start my journey with a 10- day detox on February 2nd. Leading up to that I want to start taking “filthy” foods (processed foods) out of my diet. On February 12th, I will start my fast and rid my body of all I have put into it. Once I have completed the fast, I want to start my conversion to raw-foodism. I have done my research and experimentation for three years now, and I am confident that I can make this change for myself. I will be making daily posts of my progress and suggestions or any one else that sees this and in inspired to change their lives too.